Cassandra & Simon’s Wedding



Every couple has their own set of circumstances, but Cassandra & Simon had a very unique situation during their engagement. Cassandra was in international medical school and Simon was in the middle of medical rotations, working 80hrs a week. They just found out that construction at their current wedding venue was going well over deadline, and that they would have to find a new venue – with just 4 months left to the Big Day! It was a challenge that Little Red Bean Productions was eager to take on.

The result was the glamorously elegant, Old-New York style wedding at the Broad Street Ballroom, an old bank turned event venue in Manhattan’s Financial District. Partnering with Anthony Brownie Flowers, we created a floral design that oozed elegance and glamour, while boasting a stunning tall statement floral arrangement that stood tall and bold over the centrally located bar.

We used a color palette of neutral creams and whites. Incorporating delicate flowers, such as calla lilies, peonies and Phalaenopsis allowed for elegance to be woven into the design, while the navy blue accent color incorporated within the tablescape design, provided the boldness required for the design to stand up to the strength this grand ballroom exudes. The result was a beautifully designed and seamlessly managed wedding for this amazing couple.

Cassandra & Simon’s wedding was photographed by Matthew Sowa.